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3D scenes

interactive education

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Interactive 3D scenes offer a unique way to acquire knowledge, they make lessons more engaging and efficient. The 3D scenes can be found in our interactive textbooks, as well as in the Media library, organised by subject.

One topic - several views

Each 3D scene illustrates a single topic. Within the 3D scenes, several pre-set views help students better understand the topic.

The different views are always related to the topic. The views can be cross-section, skeleton, enlargement, the principle of operation or the various elements of complex processes.

The 3D scenes can present events and processes that, otherwise, could not be examined in real life. They offer such details and visual experience that cannot be matched by any other learning material. Although the 3D scenes contain the knowledge to be acquired, students still have the opportunity to discover each topic by themselves.


Every view of every 3D scene is freely rotatable and can be zoomed in and out. The understanding of each view is aided by labels and information bars.

Most 3D scenes contain a narrated animation with which you can discover the given 3D scene and the topic as well.

The 3D scenes have a common user interface which makes it easy to learn how to use them.

Many 3D scenes contain a Walk mode, enabling you to explore the scene, similarly to a computer game. You can also explore the scenes virtually, using a smartphone. Just place your phone in VR glasses and visit Ancient Athens, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, or even the surface of the Moon.

Use in presentations

When playing a 3D scene, you can easily insert the current view as an image on the page of your book or exercise book. The inserted picture can be resized, cropped and relocated on the page.

The interactive, rotatable models found in certain 3D scenes can be dragged onto the pages of books and exercise books, where they can be used without a frame or background.

Exercises generated from 3D scenes

Numerous 3D scenes are designed to automatically generate exercises that can later be edited by the Test editor. To create an interesting exercise, it is enough to select a 3D scene related to the topic and set the correct view and exercise type.

Various types of exercises can be generated in different views (labelling, gap-filling, matching, single selection). Before sending it, the exercise can be modified if necessary, even in the Test editor.

Interactive 3D smartbooks

The unique Click n' Learn series, which comprises 20 books, offers short and interesting passages about the given topic. With the help of the QR codes, found on the pages, children can jump into the digital world of 3D scenes with a single click. By using VR glasses, children can even wander through the wonderful world they read about.

Among the topics of these publications, you can find sciences, technology, history and architecture. With their help, you can discover the past and the future, the microscopic world, the human body as well as faraway celestial bodies.

Interactive 3D smartbooks

Where can I use them?

3D scenes can be opened on computers, tablets and mobile phones. You can find them in digital text books, included in other learning materials as well as in the Media library of mozaBook and mozaWeb, organised by subjects.

3D scenes in the Media library

3D anatomy atlas

In September 2021, we will launch our digital anatomy platform, which will include more than 100 3D scenes. With the help of these 3D scenes, you can learn about the anatomy of the human body, see changes affecting the body's structure and get to know several surgical techniques.

The platform will open a new chapter in anatomy teaching for medical, nurse and physiotherapy students as well as for high school students, preparing for their biology final exams. It can be used on everyday IT devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, this way, average users, who are interested in anatomy or certain diseases, can also access these 3D scenes.

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