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Mozaik Education and the University of Szeged have developed a digital anatomy platform

30 September 2021Viktória Csanádi

Mozaik Education and the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology of the University of Szeged (SZTE) have developed a next-generation, interactive, 3D anatomy platform with VR support that can be used for educational purposes.

We are always happy to look for new challenges and support not only the work of teachers in K-12 education but also the work of those who are working at higher levels. Accordingly, we were pleased to participate in another outstanding project together with the staff of the University of Szeged.

We aimed to create a new generation digital anatomy platform that can be useful both for patients to learn about diseases and for medical students to learn about anatomical disorders, various methods of surgery, and to practise anatomical terminology.

This project started in spring 2019, resulted in an interactive, multilingual VR platform that can be efficiently used in higher education, especially in medical training, as well as in patient education. The platform includes a well-organised database of several hundreds of 3D models, which are essential for teaching anatomy in higher education.

Its unique image library, containing photos of real body slices helps to identify anatomical structures and deformations, thereby facilitating the diagnostic application of medical imaging techniques, such as CT and MRI. It also contains the exact anatomical terms for anatomical structures, shows how they are built up and, thanks to its pedagogical functions, it makes learning easier with built-in quizzes.The platform also contains 3D scenes that help patients to acquire a better understanding of certain diseases. This way, when it comes to explaining a certain condition and talking about possible treatments, the communication gap between doctors and patients, caused by the differences in medical terminology and everyday vocabulary can be narrowed by using this platform. (via MTI)




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