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5th year anniversary of working with King Stefan Batory Primary School No.5 (Łódź - Poland)

Małgorzata Wojton – 27 September 2021

King Stefan Batory Primary School No.5 is approaching its 5th anniversary of using the mozaLearn Platform. They have been using our solutions since November 2016. Read about their experiences in this article.

Using Mozaik3D to bring Ancient Egypt to life – a case study

Viktória Csanádi – 16 September 2021

Glenn Carter - one of the wonderful teachers we have the privilege to work with - writes about how he uses Mozaik3D in his lessons so his pupils can really immerse themselves in Ancient Egypt. He’s found this helps them have a much deeper understanding of their learning. You can read his experiences in teaching with Mozaik3D below.

Mozaik and Leia partner to make learning fun with Interactive 3D on the new Lume Pad

Ádám Böngyik – 31 August 2021

With the world in a constant state of change, parents and educators alike are increasingly looking for ways to leverage technology, and to bring that in-class experience home. Mozaik Education’s interactive content, especially 3D scenes on the Lume Pad, makes learning fun again. Not only by engaging students but by actually helping them to retain the information better.

Release Note - mozaBook update features

Mara Sajtos – 25 August 2021

Today we are excited to introduce you to the new release of mozaBook Classroom application! Next to many background development which increases performance and stability, we want to share with you the following release notes

Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi and MS Teams integration on mozaWeb

Fazekas Máté – 16 August 2021

We are super excited to announce that we are introducing the integration of video conference tools to the group management feature on mozaWeb.

Experiences of Mittelpunkt Elementary School of Haiger

Ádám Böngyik – 15 March 2021

You might have heard about our lovely partner school, the Mittelpunkt Elementary School of Haiger. Mozaik has been in cooperation with them for more than 3 years now, and we are delighted to present to you a short summary of their experiences with our digital solutions. This is based on the report that they kindly sent to us, alongside a picture even.

The Vodafone Foundation and Mozaik join forces to aid digital education with free software access

Máté Fazekas – 25 January 2021

We are delighted to announce that Mozaik and Vodafone continue to have a cooperation that helps digital education with educational software. The two companies have been working together since March 2020 to support students and teachers with the switch to digital education. The new project for 2021 aims to aid 45 sub-regional schools included in Vodafone’s Digital School Program, providing their 1400 teachers with free mozaBook Classroom licences.

Mozaik announces mozaWeb Browser

Máté Fazekas – 22 January 2021

Mozaik is proud to announce its very own Chromium-based web browser called mozaWeb Browser. It was designed and optimized to provide the best user experience while using our interactive content on mozaWeb.

New Digital Education Packages from Vodafone

Máté Fazekas – 30 October 2020

We are happy to announce that Mozaik Education’s new Digital Education Packages, created in the framework of a partnership with Vodafone, are available for Vodafone customers from 20 October 2020. These unique packages aim to improve access to immersive digital content for primary and secondary school students as well as to develop students’ digital skills.

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