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Together at the Frankfurt Book Fair with Mitterpunktschule from Haiger

16 November 2021Ádám Böngyik

The Frankfurt Book Fair, which has traditions spanning more than 500, is the biggest book fair in the world and is held every year. However, due to the pandemic, it was canceled last year. This was a symbol of a huge blow not only for business but more importantly for social relationships as well. All of us were very glad that this year’s book fair was held because we finally could get to meet one another again and to get to know in person those that we have been in contact with during the pandemic.

The pandemic is still with us unfortunately, but social responsibility and regulations have proven effective and this is a small price to pay for all the advantages the book fair had to offer. For the first 3 days we had met other companies from all around the world, and as always it was great to finally have meetings and discussions in person. From time to time we could even grab a cup of coffee together. We happily recognized that despite the situation a lot of people attended the fair. 

Especially during the last two days where all the people were allowed in to browse through the booths. We received huge help from the Mittelpunktgrundschule in the form of a couple of teachers. It was mesmerizing both for us and the audience to witness actual teachers use our solutions. We are really grateful to them for these spectacular presentations that we highly recommend a previous blog post if you are interested in the school’s experience with our digital solutions.

All in all, Frankfurt has shown us that being present and socializing with other people is an unexpectedly important aspect of our life, even if we have access to all the modern communication solutions. And once more a shout-out to the Mitterpunktgrundschule from Haiger for participating together with us.

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