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5th year anniversary of working with King Stefan Batory Primary School No.5 (Łódź - Poland)

27 September 2021Małgorzata Wojton
Read the practical experiences of using mozaBook from Małgorzata Wojton from King Stefan Batory Primary School No. 5 in Łódź below:

At Batory Primary School No. 5 in Łódź, we have been using mozaBook software and the mozaWeb platform since November 2016. The system has been installed on all school interactive whiteboards, providing our teachers with an extensive database of educational materials on all school subjects. 

The software gives us an opportunity to break teaching routine and enrich our lessons with spectacular interactive content. It allows us to create our own materials for each class, depending on the students’ needs. It helps to develop learning interests among talented students, and supports our work with students who have learning difficulties.In the school year of 2020/2021, we managed to create a lot of new pages of our digital exercise books from subjects such as: Polish, English, History, Biology or Integrated Teaching. During Science classes, we often exploit the media library, graphs, 3D scenes, educational videos, as well as skill-development applications or virtual laboratories. We use the in-built test editor and pre-defined question templates. Our students, in their free time or during extra classes, have fun with applications such as "Othello" or "Connect 4", they create Maths and Physics games, build circuits, weigh, measure, use a microscope or a motion simulator. Hall of fame, time machine or the Euklides tool are also very popular and practical.

A number of prepared exercise books from the Polish language subject support the study of subsequent literary periods and the books from the school reading list. An extensive Biology exercise book, divided into three levels, is a constant element of numerous lessons, especially in the fields of Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics. In History classes, mozaBook takes the students to different ages, brings various historical events closer to children and helps to explore discussed topics.

Extensive software resources work well and are very effective during Integrated Teaching classes. Tools such as Riddles, Puzzle, Logical Blocks, Tangrams, and the possibility to interact with the 3D models arouse amazement and enthusiasm among the youngest. Every child wants to become the NumberHero or the King of the Chessboard!

The program is perfect for activities aimed at developing and equalizing educational opportunities, during substitutions, but most of all, during distance learning. In addition to mozaBook software, we find the resources available on mozaWeb very useful. We also exploit digital books offered by Mozaik Education and public exercise books of other teachers, we share our own publications as well. Throughout the school year, we implemented a nationwide project called "Share a smile" which was under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Education. The project concerned the prevention of tooth decay among school-age children. In order to organize and conduct the necessary lessons, we used materials related to the topic of the project available in mozaBook, which was emphasized in many reports. 

In March, all over Poland, we celebrated "Days of new technologies in education". Our school prepared classes with the use of mozaBook and a crossword generator called "Masters of the skies - birds". We used all available bird-related resources. Children tried to recognize different species of birds and their songs, and watched the migrations of birds. The lessons aroused great interest and inspired children to become interested in ornithology. The classes included bird species recognition competitions and a contest for the most interesting crossword puzzle. In May 2021, via the Teams application, our school prepared an online training devoted to teaching methods. The lecture was held at the Teacher Improvement Center and Practical Training for Teachers. As the audience was mostly in-service and future teachers, it was an opportunity to present mozaBook to a number of potential users. At the end of the lecture, we were asked to organize more of such online meetings presenting the software and our experience in using it. The potential of the software made a huge impression on the viewers, incomparable with any other ICT tool.

In the school year of 2020/2021, our school teachers wrote an article about our experiences in working with mozaBook for the nationwide educational magazine called "School Director". In the article, we presented the platform's resources and described good practices of how to make use of the materials during lessons. The article states clearly that mozaBook cannot be replaced with anything else, and the lessons conducted with the use of the software give better results of our students' work, which was reflected in the school diagnosis. The available tools, interactive and thematically cataloged add-ons have no competition in the accessible Internet resources. No applications or online materials are comparable, in our opinion, to what your digital software offers. Our students, having at their disposal a number of ICT applications, invariably choose lessons based on mozaBook. 

We cannot imagine working without mozaBook, thanks to which, our school stands out from other schools by promoting non-standard ICT solutions in education.

Teachers were so satisfied and confident with the software that they even wrote an article about it in the national educational magazine Dyrektor Szkoły. You can access it through this link.

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