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Experiences of a teacher from Ingleby Mill Primary School UK

29 September 2021Ádám Böngyik

We are proud to present this short article that was written by Glenn Carter who is a teacher at Ingleby Mill Primary School in the United Kingdom. The school is one of our partner institutions, which means that they are using our solutions actively in education, therefore they have first-hand experience regarding their real-life application. Please welcome her short report.

We have been using mozaBook for around two years now at Ingleby Mill Primary School and have found it to be an exciting, engaging and useful piece of software. The staff have access to it in all classrooms with an interactive whiteboard which makes many of the features in mozaBook even more useful.

One of the elements that we have enjoyed in particular are the Tools and Games which engage the children tremendously. The variety of tools across a range of different subjects means that there is usually something for every lesson. The interactive and customisable Board Games are fantastic at helping the children to remember key concepts and knowledge in a fun and exciting manner. The fact that you can add in your own questions and pictures, along with a variety of different question types, means that we can tailor the content to suit our own topics.

The MiniMap is another favourite tool as it allows us to highlight key geographical concepts whilst making the experience interactive. Adding our own quizzes and labels onto maps that can then be saved and reopened is a huge timesaver that allows us to easily revisit content to consolidate it.

We also love using Mozaik’s 3D scenes to help bring a lot of our curriculum to life. Using these for history, geography and science means that many difficult or abstract concepts are made concrete and clear. The ability to rotate the scenes and hide or show labels means that we have control over how we use them. We have integrated a lot of these scenes into our planning right across school, from KS1 to KS2, meaning that the entire school has access to them.mozaBook has become the fundamental piece of software in my own teaching and for many others across school as the volume of content, interactivity and accessibility make it an essential part of mine and many other teachers’ classrooms in school.

Tags: Partner School , interactive education , interactive learning
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