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Digital lessons

Interactive learning material for smart devices

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Digital lessons are up-to-date learning materials that are based on our textbooks and contain interactive content, so students can explore each topic using their digital devices. The lessons' easy-to-follow structure, numerous images, 3D scenes, videos and exercises make learning more entertaining.

New skills

Using digital lessons in the classroom encourages students to participate actively, to acquire knowledge based on their own experiences and to cooperate during group work. The teachers' role is to support students in finding the solutions while they work together in groups.

Digital lessons develop students' co-operative, social and digital skills, focusing on those that will be essential for the future generations in the world of artificial intelligence. Digital lessons teach students how to learn and work within a system, instead of using linear thinking.

"These are the missing link between printed textbooks and digital education, introducing you into the world of digital teaching."

Complex knowledge

The digital lessons, available in 12 languages, not only focus on one scientific field when exploring a topic, but connect various fields of science, offering a more complex knowledge about the given topic.

They explore the scientific, mathematical, historical, etc. aspects of the given topic, so, besides containing the knowledge to be acquired, they highlight the relationships between concepts and help understanding how the systems in our world function.

Content graph

The relationships between digital lessons are shown by the content graph, which link the learning materials based on their content.

By using the multidimensional filter, you can easily select the needed content. This way, students can immediately see the relationships between learning materials in a three-dimensional graph and place these relationships in a context.

For example, when learning about the atmosphere (geography), students can find related content about living conditions (biology), the components of air (chemistry), air pressure (physics) and the history of aviation (history).

Artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence of the content graph can make individual learning paths for each student, which include learning materials that are of the given student's interest. Customised education allows for the complex development of those skills that need to be improved in the case of each student.

Instead of repeating the same simple exercises, we offer the possibility to improve students' knowledge through exercises and learning materials that suite their needs and ensure their development. By customising the learning material, teachers can create an optimal learning environment for every student independently from their knowledge level and skills.

Where can I use it?

Digital lessons are HTML-based web pages that can be opened in a browser on every computer, Android or Apple iOS tablet and smartphone with an active Internet connection. Thanks to the responsive design, the content always fits the screen, so the lessons can be used on smartphones as well.

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