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Digital textbooks

for all platforms and devices

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Digital textbooks can be used for both classroom presentation and learning at home. They can be opened in mozaBook , in the mozaBook app, and online, on mozaWeb in a browser. We offer numerous digital books in our webshop, but users can also easily create their own interactive books.

How does it work?

The book pages are scrollable; the inserted images, figures and page sections can be enlarged with a single click, without any loss of quality. The text is searchable, and there are several navigation and visual features that help you use the books.

Publications include icons of ready-to-use extra material (such as 3D scenes, educational videos, audios, pictures, worksheets) so these items can be opened with a single click. The publications can be enriched further with users' own content.

3D scenes in the books

The books contain 3D scenes in which the models are freely rotatable and resizable. Most 3D scenes include explanatory labels, built-in narrated animations and quizzes help acquiring knowledge.

Many 3D scenes contain a Walk mode, enabling you to explore the scene, similarly to a computer game. You can also explore the scenes virtually, using a smartphone. Just place your phone in VR glasses and visit Ancient Athens, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, or even the surface of the Moon.

Your own digital textbooks

In case the teacher has an electronic version of a textbook in PDF format, it can be opened in mozaBook. The software will automatically recognise pictures included in the publication and can enlarge them on click. Teachers can also define custom page sections to be magnified in the classroom. The program is capable of analysing the text of the publication and recommends interactive content relevant for the topic. Teachers can play, accept or delete these recommendations, but they can also find content (3D scenes, educational videos, sound files, images) in the built in media library of mozaBook, on their own computers or on the Internet. The inserted items can be opened by clicking on the icons placed on book margins and used for classroom presentation.

Where can I use it?

For classroom presentation on interactive boards, the books can be used in the mozaBook software. more about mozaBook

To study at home using a computer or laptop, all you need is a web browser and an active Internet connection.

If you want to use the book anywhere you go even without Internet access, install the free mozaBook app.

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Interactive textbooks anywhere

Students can download activated books and exercise books onto their tablets or buy new publications. Once downloaded, the digital books and exercise books can be used offline, and their interactive content (3D scenes, educational videos, images, audios, worksheets) can be opened with the built-in players without an active Internet connection.

In order to access books, the mozaBook application running on the tablet must be linked to a mozaWeb account.

more about the mozaBook app


The mozaWeb system can display digital books in two ways. Publications can be displayed according to the page layout of the printed book (PDF) or in a responsive web version (HTML).

It is the publishers' decision in which version they publish their books. If both versions are available, you can switch between the two views with a single click.

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