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Exercise books

Powerful presentations

You can create your own exercise books within mozaBook. You can write and draw on the pages in exercise books and insert diverse digital content (pictures, videos, audio clips, 3D scenes and exercises). You can create impressive presentations and lesson plans. You can upload your exercise books to your mozaWeb account to make them accessible to others.

Customise your exercise book...

You can create exercise books with single- or double-page view and you can use portrait and landscape orientation as well. You can also set the page lines, the background colour and you can choose a background image. You can set these individually for every page.

The lines do not have only illustrative functions, handwritten fonts and mathematical symbols are aligned with them.

...and freely illustrate it

mozaBook offers built-in drawing tools to create illustrations in exercise books, from simple text highlighting to freehand drawings and complex illustrations.

You can insert to the pages 3D scenes, videos and images from the media library and various multimedia elements from the Internet. In the gallery, you can find thousands of graphical elements (drawings, charts, cliparts, icons, signals) to make impressive presentations.

Geometry tools

Virtual rulers and compasses can be used to create more accurate and complex mathematical drawings and diagrams.

Tools can be rotated, parallel and perpendicular transports can be done and exact values can be added to them.

Relations diagram

The relations diagram tool allows you to link objects. Despite moving the objects, the connection between them does not disappear. This drawing function can be used to present relationships and processes.

You can use different types of lines and arrows to illustrate relationships. To make the diagram, you can use images and other content found in the built-in gallery of mozaBook.


With the help of the built-in animation tool of mozaBook, you can create spectacular animated presentations and lesson plans. The elements of the page can appear automatically according to the built-in animation templates. During the presentation, you can also display the inserted extra content.

For the presentations, you can use the media library or the Internet to add texts, your own drawings or diagrams, images, videos, 3D scenes and other interactive content.

Animated templates

Create clearly structured exercise books and attractive presentations with animated mozaBook templates. You can move the frames on the pages in the exercise book and resize them to best fit your needs. Insert a related image, 3D scene or video into the frame. On the finished page, click on the text to display a related image, video or 3D.

Import PPTs

The mozaBook software enables you to import PPT files. The imported files can be used like mozaBook exercise books created within the software: the imported files can be further edited and interactive content found in the media library can be inserted into them.


Pictures, images, texts and inserted extra content in digital textbooks can be freely dragged into you exercise books, so you can create your own customised presentations based on the books. You can add page links to publications, this way, you can open any page of a book directly from an exercise book or vice versa.

Test editor

Create spectacular assignments quickly and easily with the help of a wide range of pre-defined question templates (single & multiple choice, matching, chains, labels, tables, and more). Assignment worksheets can contain many different types of questions and other features, such as time limits. There are also several built-in designs to choose from, which can make worksheets even more attractive.

Create custom exercises that include images, videos or audio files! You can also import pre-written questions automatically from our 3D scenes and mozaTools, which you can edit or leave as-is.

Professional learning materials

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Interesting, interactive presentations can be created for every age group by using simple skill-developing exercises for younger students or complex, interactive learning materials for older ones.

Sharing on mozaWeb, synchronisation

Exercise books created in mozaBook can be uploaded to mozaWeb and you can open them in an Internet browser. Uploaded exercise books can be shared with your school or every mozaWeb user.

If you want to open an exercise book on various computers, you can synchronise its content. You can open exercise books uploaded to mozaWeb on any computer that runs mozaBook and is connected to Internet.

Take it with you

The uploaded exercise books can be downloaded later and used offline, without an active Internet connection, in the free mozaBook app for Android and iPad. Interactive content included in exercise books can also be displayed on tablets.

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