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for all platforms and devices

Teachers can assign homework from mozaBook and mozaWeb and students can solve the exercises on their own computers or smart devices and send back their answers. Besides worksheets created in the Test editor, teachers can also assign essays as homework.


...can manage homework assignments set for classes and study groups, or individual students.

The system records homework assignments that have been set and submitted, so they can be easily evaluated and managed.

The program automatically checks the answers and creates statistics on the results, making it easy to evaluate and compare students' performance.


...will be notified of the homework assignment, the topic and the deadline by email. They can open the homework assignment by clicking on the link found in the e-mail and solve the exercises online.

The assignments can be completed online with any Internet browser.


...can be created fast and easily in the Test editor, which can be assigned as homework too. Several different question types can be added to worksheets and a time limit can be set on solving them. There are numerous built-in designs to choose from that can make worksheets even more attractive.

You can also add images, videos and audio files to your exercises.

Exercises generated from 3D scenes

Numerous 3D scenes are designed to automatically generate exercises that can later be edited by the Test editor. To create an interesting exercise, it is enough to select a 3D scene related to the topic and set the correct view and exercise type.

Various types of exercises can be generated in different views (labelling, gap-filling, matching, single selection). Before sending it, the exercise can be modified if necessary, even in the Test editor.

Automatically generated exercises

Certain mozaBook tools are designed to automatically generate exercises that can later be edited by the Test editor, so attractive worksheets can be created in a very short period of time.

If you find an exercise you would like to use, you can send it to the Test editor by one click, where you can further edit it. You do not have to create your own exercises, you do not have to find images, the only thing you have to do is to select the tool and topic you need, and that is all.

Weekly practice

The Weekly practice is a very complex tool, which generates customised exercises for students every week. After selecting the subject, the grade and the week within the school year, the software creates a customised test. Also teachers can create worksheets in the practice tool with the help of the Question sheet tool. The results of previous tests can be seen as well.

Solutions step by step

If students get stuck while solving an exercise, the Word problems tool can help them finish it. The tool is familiar with the rules of the given scientific field, and it uses these when generating exercises and presenting the steps of the solution. This enables the possibility to generate as many customised exercises as you need and show the solutions step by step.

It organises the exercise types in categories, it can generate exercises about any scientific topic and it makes it possible for teachers to create customised tests for their students.

Evaluation, statistics

Teachers can keep track of the progress of assigned homework in the form of a report on statistics. They can see when the tasks were sent back, what percentage each student got and they can also add written evaluation to the solutions of each student. They can set the minimum score for each mark, so the process of giving marks can be automatic as well.

In the report on statistics, teachers can see the average of correct answers for each exercise, but they can also check the answers given by students individually.

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