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Innovative digital education solutions

Innovative digital education solutions
Innovative digital education solutions
Innovative digital education solutions
Innovative digital education solutions
Digital textbooks
Educational tools
Educational 3D scenes

Innovative digital education solutions

  • For teachers, for the classroom
  • For students, for learning at home
  • For schools, for digital education

Educational software

Interactive content


Further functions

Tutorial videos

Educational software

Educational software


Educational presentation software

Our software, designed to be used on interactive displays, is used all over the world in thousands of classrooms. Digital books, exercise books, interactive worksheets, as well as versatile illustrations, animations and numerous presentation effects offered by the software expand teachers' teaching tools.

Eye-catching interactive items and built-in skill-developing, illustrative and experimental applications arouse students' interest and help to acquire knowledge.

Digital textbooks with interactive content. Make your own book or buy one.

Spectacular, animated presentations and numerous other, useful functions functions

Generate homework automatically, using tools and 3D scenes.

Our educational presentation software, mozaBook, is regularly awarded at prestigious international educational exhibitions and by educational journals and websites.

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Favorite in English, Gifted & Talented,
Social Learning, Social Studies,
and STEM category.

EdTech Awards

Science Solution Winner
Authoring Tools Solution Winner

Bett Awards

Class. Aids for Learn., Teach., and Ass.
Educational Apps
International Digital Edu. Resource

Academics' Choice Award

Smart Media - Software, 2016

European Business Awards

National Champion 2015/16 Hungary

EdTech Awards

Presentation Solution Winner
Content Provider Solution Finalist
E-learning, Blended Learning Finalist

GESS Education Awards

Secondary and Higher Education Resource Supplier Finalist

Bett Awards

International Digital Education Resource Finalist
Primary Digital Content Finalist

EducationInvestor Awards

Education Content Provider
Interactive learning at home

Students can access digital books and every interactive content, used during lessons, on mozaWeb. They can easily acquire the knowledge with the help of 3D scenes, videos, interactive exercises and digital lessons. Moreover, they can practise in a playful way with the skill-developing and experimental tools and games.

Here they can open presentations made by their teachers and solve online homework as well.

Interactive content

Educational software

3D scenes

Educational software

Interactive 3D scenes offer a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge more efficiently They can be found in our interactive textbooks, as well as in the Media library. The 3D scenes can be rotated and resized, and most of them include narration, built-in animation and a quiz that all help to process the given topic.

3D scenes can be accessed by teachers in mozaBook and by students on mozaWeb.

Read more | 3D scenes in the Media library


Pollution is the detrimental effect of human activity on the natural environment.

The first voyage of James Cook

James Cook's legendary journey around the world proved to be enormously valuable for science.

Bell X-1

The Bell X-1 was the first manned aircraft to exceed the speed of sound in level flight.

The Forbidden City (Beijing, 17th century)

The Forbidden City is one of the most magnificent and mysterious monuments of imperial China.

Tools and Games

Tools and Games

Tools and Games

Over 100 thematic applications built for curriculums in various subjects provide a unique way of practising and deepening knowledge acquired in class. The collection of games and tools is continuously expanding with new functions being added regularly. Many tools and applications also contain animated exercises, which turn learning into a playful experience. Exercises created by teachers and students within the tools can be saved for later use.

Read more | Over 100 thematic applications
Digital lesson

Digital lesson

Digital lesson

Digital lessons are up-to-date learning materials that are based on our textbooks and contain interactive content, so students can explore each topic using their digital devices. The lessons' easy-to-follow structure, numerous images, 3D scenes, videos and exercises make learning more entertaining.

Read more | Digital lessons in the Media library

How do we hear?

This lesson helps you understand the process of hearing.

Can we understand the language of animals?

Find out interesting pieces of information about the communication of animals.

Games Playing with sounds

This lesson introduces some basic ideas about sound.




Our educational videos are all made in-house and present everything from remote landscapes and rare organisms, to chemical and physical experiments, to adapted poems, stories and plays.

Over 600 tutorials and videos


How does our body gain access to the vitamins it needs?

Exceeding the speed of sound

What is the speed of sound? What happens when an object exceeds the speed of sound?

The shape of snowflakes

If we take a closer look at a snowflake, we will see that it has a symmetrical, hexagonal shape. But how do they take on this shape?

Chilli peppers

Capsaicin is the substance responsible for the spicy heat of chilli peppers.

Interactive 3D Smartbooks

Interactive 3D Smartbooks

Interactive 3D Smartbooks

Our Click n’ Learn series is written for students who are curious to know more about the world, in addition to learning something useful at school. If you like reading as well as seeing what you are actually reading about, or if you like books, but also like using your smartphone or tablet, then look no further. These are the perfect books for you!

Read more | Show me all the books

The playful tools can be used for developing the skills of younger children. The animated exercises can engage them and they can practise the acquired knowledge in a playful way.

Interactive 3D Smartbooks

News, tips and tricks


News, tips and tricks

News, updates, interesting facts related to the mozaLearn digital education system; examples and useful tips supporting classroom usage and the practical application of our software suite in English.

Together at the Frankfurt Book Fair with Mitterpunktschule from Haiger

Ádám Böngyik – 16 November 2021

We have participated in this year’s Frankfurt Buchmesse. Our partner institution, the Mitterpunktgrundschule from Haiger has also come to our aid during the fair. It was a wonderful experience to have the chance to meet with them and all the other people in person.

Mozaik Education and the University of Szeged have developed a digital anatomy platform

Viktória Csanádi – 30 September 2021

Mozaik Education and the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology of the University of Szeged (SZTE) have developed - with EU help - a next-generation, interactive, 3D anatomy platform with VR support that can be used for educational purposes.

Experiences of a teacher from Ingleby Mill Primary School UK

Ádám Böngyik – 29 September 2021

We are proud to present this short article that was written by Glenn Carter who is a teacher at Ingleby Mill Primary School in the United Kingdom. The school is one of our partner institutions, which means that they are using our solutions actively in education, therefore they have first-hand experience regarding their real-life application. Please welcome her short report.

5th year anniversary of working with King Stefan Batory Primary School No.5 (Łódź - Poland)

Małgorzata Wojton – 27 September 2021

King Stefan Batory Primary School No.5 is approaching its 5th anniversary of using the mozaLearn Platform. They have been using our solutions since November 2016. Read about their experiences in this article.

Why do users love mozaBook and mozaWeb?

When our teachers saw mozaBook for the first time, they were amazed: never before have we had contact with such a modern platform and with content as explanatory and educational as this one.

Stephan Riederer, IT Team – Santo Américo College, Brazil

mozaBook is a powerful software platform which is perfect for a busy teacher looking to produce outstanding lessons. It covers all areas of the curriculum and presents information in an engaging way.

Ed Fairfield, Senior Marketing Manager – Elementary Technology

The national curriculum can be integrated easily into the software and can be enriched with the extras provided... This should eliminate the time needed for teacher preparation.

Yasmin Youssef – Gimpex Audio Visual Communications, Egypt

We were all enraptured with the school presentation of mozaBook in one of the primary schools. It gave us a real example of how the system works in practice... it works very well in terms of catching the attention of the pupils and their cooperation during the class.

Metod Bočko, Foreign Rights – Modrijan Založba, Slovenia

Further functions

Group work with tablets

Further functions

The mozaBook program is already available for tablets and smartphones, so students can take their digital textbooks anywhere they go, and even use them offline. The mozaBook application on mobile devices can also be used to connect to mozaBook running on an interactive board or PC, in order to participate in group work in the classroom.

Teachers can also share pages of a textbook directly to students’ devices. In addition, teachers can send assignments, worksheets, videos or images to students. Teachers can also keep track of worksheet completion and check students' results on their computer.

mozaBook for tablets
Further functions
Digital atlases

Digital atlases

Digital atlases

The digital maps of mozaMap atlases expand the range of tools available to geography and history teachers. Various types of maps and their visual elements can be customized freely and individually, which makes planning and conducting classes a breeze. The digital maps of mozaMap atlases can be opened in the mozaBook software.

more on mozaMap
3Ds on your phone or tablet

3Ds on your phone or tablet

3Ds on your phone or tablet

Download the mozaik3D educational application to explore more than 1200 educational 3D scenes on your smartphone or tablet. They provide a unique help for learning at home in a playful and enjoyable manner.

more on mozaik3D app
Real time video analysis

Real time video analysis

Real time video analysis

LabCamera is a webcam-based natural science, exploration and data logging software that allows students and teachers to carry out scientific observations and measurements by using a computer. It can be used both in the classroom and at home to help with homework. It puts science and nature into a new perspective, making natural science studies interesting and exciting and provides an instrument that inspires students to think creatively.

more on LabCamera

Tutorial videos

Innovative Education Solutions

Solutions for interactive whiteboard, learning at home, school administration, printed materials.

Starting mozaBook

Digital textbooks with embedded interactive content, animated presentations and educational tools all in one place.

mozaBook 4.5

Even more impressive illustration and presentation options, numerous new functions. This is mozaBook 4.5

Better Together

Developing the mozaLearn education system

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