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Show what the life of children will be in 50 years

Think about the impact that the current natural, environmental, economic and technological changes taking place in the present may have on our future.

What will happen to us?

Let's find solutions to the global environmental issues!

What is CRISPR?

A lesson about the benefits and limitations of genetic engineering.

How do vaccines work?

This lesson explains the various types of vaccines.

Is climate permanent or changing?

This digital lesson is about climate and factors that can modify the climate.

How do we hear?

This lesson helps you understand the process of hearing.

Butterflies and moths

In this lesson, you can learn about the anatomy and metamorphosis of butterflies and moths.

Epithelial tissues

A lesson about the structure, role, significance and protection of human epithelium.

Introduction to the world of oceans

People, as they live on dry land, usually forget about the importance of oceans, which is a big mistake.

pH of aqueous solutions

In this lesson you can learn about the pH value of aqueous solutions, how to detect it and what types of solutions exist according to the pH value.

Material systems

In this lesson you can learn about the classification of material systems based on the size of the particles. You can get familiarised with homogeneous,...

Why do people drink coffee?

The first thing that many people do in the morning is to make a cup of coffee.

The Mongol Empire

In this lesson you can learn about the largest contiguous empire in history.

The Ottoman Empire

Discover how the largest state in the history of the Muslim world was established.

What is the message of The Little Prince?

In this lesson, you can learn about an exceptional novel that teaches about love and friendship.

How to eat healthy?

In this lesson, you can learn about adequate eating habits and a healthy diet.

Blaise Pascal, a man obsessed with truth

Pascal spent his life searching for the scientific and moral truth. He achieved significant results in mathematics, physics, philosophy, theology and...

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