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The digital maps of mozaMap atlases expand the range of tools available to geography and history teachers. Various types of maps and their visual elements can be customized freely and individually, which makes planning and conducting classes a breeze. The digital maps of mozaMap atlases can be opened in the mozaBook software.

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Why choose mozaMap?

Replace wall maps

Several high quality digital maps can replace many printed wall maps. mozaMap's digital maps do not take up any extra space, they can be used anywhere, anytime and they are also available in unlimited copies. With the help of our program, even highly detailed maps can be read easily.

Fits your needs

The maps are built up from layers which can be easily switched on or off, or set to flash by the user. In this way the teacher can effortlessly adapt the map to particular lessons, highlighting the important details and helping the students concentrate on the topic of the lesson, both avoiding distraction and improving the lesson’s efficiency.


mozaMap includes many options for illustration and animation, which add a new dimension to using maps in the classroom. The quick and easy-to-create tasks in the program offer another way to increase student interaction in class.

Enlarge boundlessly

The maps are vector-based files, so any segment can be magnified to an incredible extent without any loss in quality. The dynamic scale adjusts to the current magnification in real time.


The digital maps are designed to enable easy switching between several languages with just a few clicks. When switching to a different language, not only the labels, but the entire user interface (menu system, layer names, legends, etc.) as well is displayed in the selected language.

Layers, personalized views

All text contained in the maps can be searched and the maps' layers can be turned on and off, one by one. Educators can easily customize, creating map views that are best suited for their subject, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their lessons.

The map views that you set can be labelled and saved. This saves everything from the zoom factor, to the drawings, even which layers are visible. The saved view can be inserted into mozaBook and from there can be opened during classwork with a single click.

Illustration possibilities

Freehand lines, images, symbols and annotative bubbles can be placed onto separate map layers, created by teachers in mozaMap. The built-in drawing tool provides several possibilities for illustration, including a large collection of geographical and historical symbols.

Drawings and other illustrations created in mozaMap can be easily saved, moved, and their size adjusted to the scale of the maps. A presentation can be made and shared afterwards containing the maps you've enhanced.

History animated

By selecting and highlighting different characteristics or parts of a map at various dates in history, our software is able to animate the transitions between these events over time. This allows users to dynamically illustrate the geographical impact of certain events (such as wars, trade, or treaties) over time, and allow the student to see and understand correlations between developments - not just by territory and area, but also over time.

As the animation plays, the relevant date is displayed clearly on a timeline at the bottom of the screen. The playback speed can be altered, and the animation can be paused at any point.


mozaMap allows users to create custom exercises on the maps. These exercises can be saved, shared and easily inserted into mozaBook.

Battle sites and other historical and geographical landmarks can be loaded onto the blank maps according to the teacher's needs. The students should match these events with the appropriate labels. Time limits can also be set. While students are working, the map shows the time used for solving the exercise. When students finish their work, mozaMap displays the ratio of correct answers.

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