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Mozaik Student mozaBook mozaBook for tablets

What does mozaWeb offer?

Media library

A Mozaik STUDENT subscription enables you to access the entire content in the Media Library (over 1,200 3D scenes, hundreds of educational videos, interactive exercises, etc.) and use our tools and games freely.

Thematic applications

Over 100 thematic, curriculum-related applications and games are excellent tools for practising and deepening the knowledge that has been acquired in lessons.

Personalised learning platform

We provide an online interface that allows you to quickly find and access your digital textbooks, exercise books, online homework and shared content, and also keep track of the tasks you should complete.

Online homework

In the Test editor teachers can easily create exercises which students can solve at home, online. Teachers can use any interactive items from the Media library to create dynamic exercises with images, audio and video.

Digital textbooks

After the purchase of a single digital textbook, you are entitled to be an active user of mozaWeb. Page through and read the textbook, zoom into page sections and launch curriculum-related interactive content by clicking on the icons next to the relevant topics.

3D scenes

Tools and Games

Educational videos

Test editor

Create spectacular assignments quickly and easily with the help of a wide range of pre-defined question templates (single & multiple choice, matching, chains, labels, tables, and more). Assignment worksheets can contain many different types of questions and other features, such as time limits. There are also several built-in designs to choose from, which can make worksheets even more attractive.

Images, videos or audio files can be used when creating exercises. Also, many of our 3D scenes and tools also have the ability to automatically export pre-made exercises to the Test editor.

The worksheets you create can be inserted into the relevant pages of mozaBook publications or into your presentation, or they can be set as a homework tasks and sent to students, to be completed at home via mozaWeb.

Try it for free

Explore mozaWeb for free. Try our educational tools, more than 1200 3D scenes and watch our videos.

If you like these and want more, subscribe to a mozaWeb PREMIUM account.

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Digital textbooks

FREE account

What you can do if you create a free account and log in:

  • Open any 5 educational tools or games every week.*
  • Open any 5 3D scenes or educational videos every week.*
  • Read the labels of 3D scenes and videos and listen to narrations in your language or in English.
  • Your own mozaWeb account, necessary for both mozaBook for Windows and mozaBook for tablets
  • Open demo books and digital textbooks (available for purchase separately), magnify page sections and play built-in extra content.
  • Download and try mozaBook for 30 days with full functionality, free of charge.

* 5 different items, or 5 times the same.

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with the Mozaik STUDENT subscription

If you buy a Mozaik STUDENT subscription, we provide the following options:

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