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Education today faces challenges worldwide, since following traditions is no longer enough. The way knowledge is passed on to our children is just as important as deciding on what to teach future generations.
For teachers

mozaBook - Educational presentation software for teachers, to be used on interactive boards. Spectacular interactive content and built-in skill-developing, illustrative and virtual lab applications arouse students' interest and help acquire knowledge.

mozaMap - The digital atlases of this interactive map software enhance the repertoire of geography and history education. The elements of the different maps are easy to change and tailor, making preparation for class simpler and faster.

For students

mozaWeb - The digital textbooks, interactive extra content and applications related to the curriculum are available online anywhere for both students and teachers.

mozaBook tablet - Students can take their digital textbooks anywhere they go, and even use them offline. They can also connect to mozaBook running on an interactive board in order to participate in classwork.

For schools

mozaLog - Digital school register and educational information system enables school staff to use a single interface for both administrative and organisational tasks.The software is designed to reduce the daily administrative burden on teachers and to be an effective means of communication both within the institution and with parents.

School membership - Advantages of the school membership: school-level usage statistics, school-level licence management, online helpdesk, discounted purchase options.

What product shall I use?
For teachers

For illustration in class and classwork with students

For students

For learning at home on PC or tablet

For schools

Partner school membership with training and discounted purchase offers

mozaBook expands your teaching tools with versatile illustrations, animations and thoughtful presentation options. Teachers can create their own exercise books or turn their textbooks into interactive digital textbooks with just a few clicks. The built-in media library contains numerous freely resizeable images created by our illustrators, grouped by subject and topic.

mozaBook is available in our webshop in several versions, for students, teachers and classroom teaching.

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Your own digital textbooks

In case the teacher has an electronic version of a textbook in PDF format, it can be opened in mozaBook. The software will automatically recognise pictures included in the publication and can enlarge them on click. Teachers can also define custom page sections to be magnified in the classroom. The program is capable of analysing the text of the publication and recommends interactive content relevant for the topic. Teachers can play, accept or delete these recommendations, but they can also find content (3D scenes, educational videos, sound files, images) in the built in media library of mozaBook, on their own computers or on the Internet. The inserted items can be opened by clicking on the icons placed on book margins and used for classroom presentation.

3D scenes

When a textbook or lesson contains 3D scenes, you can play these by clicking on the 3D icon in your online textbook. You can find a list of all the 3Ds included in your textbook in the Extras menu.

The models in the scenes are freely rotatable and most 3D scenes include narrations, built-in animations and quizzes. Labels added to the structural and cutaway views are available in several languages.

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Tools and Games

Nearly 100 thematic, applications closely related to the curriculum provide a unique and playful way for students to explore topics in new and exciting ways, and understand the learning material better. Applications created for lower primary school students help develop basic skills, while those designed for older pupils serve as illustrations or virtual labs. Some of the tool applications also contain animated exercises, turning learning into a playful experience. Thematic applications are available within mozaBook, and students can also access them via mozaWeb, our online home-learning platform.

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Test editor

Create spectacular assignments quickly and easily with the help of a wide range of pre-defined question templates (single & multiple choice, matching, chains, labels, tables, and more). Assignment worksheets can contain many different types of questions and other features, such as time limits.

When creating exercises, images, videos or audio files can be incorporated, and there are numerous built-in designs to choose from that can make worksheets even more attractive.

The worksheets can be set as homework to students that can be completed on mozaWeb as well, and the exercises can also be inserted into mozaBook publications.

Interactive content used in class (3D scenes, educational videos, images, audios) and mozaTools thematic applications can also be accessed online. This provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to prepare for their classes, and for students for learning at home. Exercises set by teachers as homework can also be completed online, at home. Since the start of mozaWeb in 1999, the number of interactive content and educational applications has been increasing year after year.

The mozaLog digital school register, developed by Mozaik Education, is an educational information system that enables school staff to use a single interface for both administrative and organisational tasks. By using mozaLog, the laborious and cumbersome management of traditional paper-based class registers becomes redundant.

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