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Learn about our offers and sell our digital education solutions.

  • Educational presentation software for classroom use
  • Interactive content for students, for learning at home
  • Digital maps for interactive boards
  • Digital school register for school administration
Educational presentation software for classroom use
Interactive content for students, for learning at home
Digital school register
Digital maps for interactive boards
Spatial geometry construction software
Plane geometry construction software
Educational presentation software with Media library
Educational presentation software for PC
Educational presentation software for classroom use
Classroom work with Android or iOS tablet
Classroom work with Windows tablet or PC
Free training
Get acquainted with our products free of charge in our training centre equipped with modern IT devices.
Discounted packages
We offer discounted software packages for entire classes/schools to aid sales
Digital textbooks
With the help of our system, you can initiate a cooperation with local textbook publishers
If you wish to try our products in person and get an overview of how they can be used in practice, please contact us. You can learn about our system and its components and get to know the cooperation opportunities with our company free of charge, without commitment on your part, in our training centre equipped with state-of-art IT devices.
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How we can help your sales
Discounts for distributors

We grant multi-level reseller discounts to our partners for the software products and software packages they purchase, depending on the volume of sales they undertake and achieve.

We train our distributor partners' staff free of charge in our training events held on a monthly basis. Reseller prices are communicated in the event of a prior written agreement.

Promotional support

We provide high-level support to your company in promoting our products. We create customised promotional publications, which include your logo, contact and company description, free of charge.

Publications are available in both electronic and printed form. If you wish, we can also produce printed publications and send you the promotional materials by post.

We provide training for your staff

We provide free training for your sales staff. In the training sessions participants learn about the operation and usage of our software products and we share with them our experience in sales. Training events are held in our training centre equipped with state-of-art IT devices located in Szeged, Hungary.

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DEMO licences

We provide free licence cards with your company's logo for trying our software products. Your sales staff can effectively persuade their customers using the licence cards that are valid for a trial period of 1 or 3 months. They can offer their customers to try the software products and decide whether they want to purchase them based on their experiences.

Sales formats

Purely electronic selling is also possible. In this case, licence codes are sold for the products and the software products can be downloaded from the website.

You can sell our software products also in DVD format. To do so, we send you all the necessary materials. You can provide your customers with the software user manual in both electronic and printed form.

Linguistic localisation

Our system and its interactive content is available in a great number of languages. If you wish to sell our products in a language which is not yet included in our offer, please contact us. In this case, the translation of the software user interfaces will take some weeks, while the digital content will be translated on a regular basis after that. If a certain content is not yet available in a given language it will always be available in English.

Further cooperation opportunities
For hardware manufacturers

Increase the competitiveness of the interactive whiteboards, interactive displays or school tablets produced by your company. With our help, you can provide your customers not only with hardware, but also with a world-class presentation software for classroom use and with rich interactive educational content, that is to say with complex classroom solutions.

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Provide training courses

We also invite our partners to contact us in case they wish to organise and sell training courses introducing our software products. In our training centre we train your staff to be able to provide training sessions for the users in their countries. The participants in the training events organised by you receive certificates granted by our company.

Digital textbooks

If you are the official distributor of our products you also have the opportunity to cooperate with local textbook publishers. Publishers can import their publications in our system in the form of interactive digital textbooks, which they can sell in their own webshop or in yours.

By using our software products distributed by you and the digital textbooks of local publishers, schools and teachers can receive full and complex services.

Learn more

If you wish to become our official distributor, please contact us. We will introduce you to the operation of our system in person or in a Skype meeting. We will share with you our expertise and how your products can be as successful on your market as on ours.

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If you are interested in our offers and would like to know more, please contact our colleagues, who are ready to answer all enquiries.

Dr. Ildikó Török business development director [email protected] +36 30 269 1279
Péter Török deputy managing director
  [email protected] +36 30 279 4289
Maxim Chigrin international relations manager [email protected] +36 30 626 2500
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