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Cookie policy

In order to provide a personalised service, cookies, that is, small data packages that identify users anonymously, are placed on users' devices. The aim of using cookies is to provide a high-level service and a personalised user experience.

It is important to know that these data packages are not capable of identifying the users themselves, they only serve to identify computers since the entire IP address is not stored. No personal information is collected.

Types of cookies used:

  • Analytics and tracking cookie
  • On-site tracking cookie
  • User identification session cookie

You can delete the cookie from your computer and you can configure your browser to block cookies. The Help function found in most browsers offers information on:

  • How to block cookies in the browser
  • How to allow cookies in the browser
  • How to configure your browser to set a new cookie.
  • How to disable other cookies

By blocking cookies, you acknowledge that the site may not function properly.

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