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The mozaBook software opens mozaBook digital textbooks, which, in addition to the content of the printed versions, contain extra interactive content, thematic tools and games to make learning at home more interesting and the material easier to understand. Built-in presentation and illustration options further help teacher's work in the classroom.

More than 1200 3D scenes, hundreds of educational videos, pictures, audio, thematic tools and games for all subjects that can be accessed online, anywhere. mozaWeb is accessible with any desktop browser, no additional software is required.

MozaMap's interactive atlases enhance the repertoire of geography and history teaching materials. The elements of the different maps are easy to change and tailor, making preparation for class simpler and faster. The digital atlases contain the complete material of our geography and history atlases.

The mozaLog digital school register, developed by Mozaik Education, is an educational information system that enables school staff to use a single interface for both administrative and organisational tasks. By using mozaLog, the laborious and cumbersome management of traditional paper-based class registers becomes redundant.

LabCamera is a webcam-based natural science exploration and data logging software that allows students and teachers to carry out substantial scientific observations and measurements with a computer and a webcam.

A variety of geometry exercises can be solved easily, precisely and quickly with the help of the Euklides geometric construction software. During digital geometric construction, the elements of the figure are mobile, while the relations remain constant. This makes the limits of the geometric construction easy to find and illustrate.

In addition to displaying three-dimensional shapes and surfaces, the Euler3D spatial geometry construction software enables editing these objects with a high degree of mathematical control. (Filtering self-intersections, inspection of planes, dissecting concave polygons into triangles).

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