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Our partner training courses are held on a monthly basis at our Education Centre located in the city of sunshine, Szeged (Hungary). Participants learn about the mozaLearn digital educational system in a pleasant environment, using state-of-the-art ICT tools.

In addition to our partners, we also welcome anyone interested in introducing or selling our digital educational system and in getting a detailed overview of how the system works. To attend the training courses you need to register in advance. Our staff can assist you in arranging airport transfers and hotel bookings.

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Basic training

During the first day of the free, 3-day Basic training, participants learn about the basic functions of mozaBook (operation of the software, opening, creating and importing publications) and the interactive 3Ds and video content in the media library. The programme of the second day includes the application of mozaBook in class, use of interactive tools, creation of worksheets and introduction to the mozaWeb platform designed for students for learning at home. The training sessions are practice-oriented: participants take part in workshop activities in small groups in the afternoons. By the end of the third day, participants are able to use the entire mozaLearn system; receive marketing and sales tips; and learn to incorporate smart devices (phones, tablets) into classwork.

Instructor training

Instructor training aims to enable participants to organize training events in their own countries. It is advisable for instructors selling mozaBook training - either as a separate product or bundled with mozaBook - to have at least a Gold certificate. Over the course of the training, participants, aided by our colleagues, not only deepen their knowledge of mozaBook, but are also provided with practical tips and ideas to use in their own sessions. The trainees receive two complete course plans designed to help them in holding 1-day, as well as 1-week training events. For information about the dates of the Instructor training, please contact our colleagues.

Partner training for distributors

We recommend that our distributor partners participate in one of the 3-day Basic training events, held every month. The training is designed to help participants present mozaBook efficiently to their clients. The dates of the upcoming training sessions are available on the distributor page. To introduce mozaBook successfully, it is essential that partner companies have certified mozaBook instructors. If our partner companies wish to sell mozaBook training individually or in a package (interactive board with mozaBook and training), it is advisable that their staff or external collaborators participate in the Instructor training.

Partner training for publishers

As part of these one-week training events, our publisher partners' editorial and marketing and PR staff learn how to upload their PDF books with just a few clicks to make them immediately available in mozaBook, on mozaWeb or on our tablet platform. Participants also learn how to enrich their digital publications with interactive content. During the training, participants are also provided with marketing tips regarding the introduction of the new digital books. On the fourth and fifth days of the training, our partners' editors and translators are introduced to our localisation platform and attend workshops to practise and deepen their knowledge of editing digital books using mozaBook Editor. In this part of the training, we work with the editorial and marketing staff in separate groups.

Participants in our training events are awarded certificates (Attendance, Silver, Gold and Diamond) upon successful completion of each level. Various certificates entitle the participants to hold specific training sessions and enrol in higher-level training. If partner companies also wish to sell mozaBook training, their representatives must obtain either the Gold or Diamond certificate. The training for distributors is free of charge.


Hours of training 15 30 60 120
Min. number of presentations / courses held - - 5 10
Sales presentation
Entitled to provide Starter training (5h) Basic training (15h) Essential training (30h) Advanced training (60h)
Entitled to issue certificate level Attendence certificate Attendence certificate Attendence/Silver certificate Attendence/Silver/Gold certificate
Mozaik Education Headquarters - Klauzál tér 1. Szeged, Hungary
  • The location of the training courses is our Education Centre in Szeged, Hungary
  • The training courses are held in English
  • The 3-day Basic training is free of charge

Contact us to learn about the fees, duration and detailed content of the training courses.

For more details please contact us.

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